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The Movie “Bambukat” released on 29 July 2016 directed by Pankaj Batra. Music composed by Jatinder Shah & casting- Binnu Dhillon and enormous work of Ammy Virk. “Bambukat “movie is directed in Punjabi-language. The Movie is stated in a limited small suburb center in Punjab. Ammy Virk known as Channan and Simi Chahal played beautiful role known as Pakko in the movie. A particular scene is at its best when the bicycle Virk handles to ferry her around the environment is amazingly shot. But when the prosperous and clean cut Binnu Dhillon appear discountenance his brand new motorbike then the comfortable life of the village is disturb, forcing Channan to stride up and enhance his disk or prospect falling the love of his life. Bambukat Punjabi movie in High Quality Formats HD Mp4 3gp

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The film “Bambukat” Story begins with two sisters Pakko & Simmi including their partners Chanan Singh & Reham Singh. Pakko’s partner loves her a lot but he is financially weaker than Simmi’s partner, when they invited to Pakko’s family so they executed that Pakko’s family is not well heeled. Resham Singh initiated insulting Chanan Singh at every point. Resham Singh boasts a motorcycle which is a dignity pattern for him.

The film has exceptional lyrics and the music is also satisfying. Although somewhere concede that the scripting is slight uncertain in the movie and that’s seems dreadful. The film is all about ancient period of school time so that is the main negative point of the movie. The Story Based on- is all about old village melodrama and where a guy has couple of emotions and he got puzzled that what to do?

The Positive point of the movie is that Acting is quite exceptional in the movie, Guidance and leadership is attractive. Analyzing and adaptation is good and focused but here are also some Negative point of the movie that Story structure is somewhat hesitate and decrepit. Its Screenplay is ordinary and not too much glamorous and Cinematography is mediocre. The film “Bambukat” started with good pundits and crowd feedback considering of its unique story.

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