Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Hot HD Wallpaper Images

Checkout the hot and Sexy HD wallpapers of Gal Gadot from her upcoming movie Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is a fictional characters published by DC Comics and being appeared in American comic books. Wonder woman is written by William Moulten and created by the American psychologist. Wonder woman is an international diplomatic heroine fighting for justice love gender equality and peace. The movie would be first solo live action movie and is going to release on 2nd June 2017 in 2D 3D and IMAX 3D.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman HD Wallpaper

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman stills

Checkout some stills from the movie Wonder Woman-

Wonder Woman poster

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman pictures

An Amazon Princess, Gal Gadot becomes the superhero Wonder Woman the movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and produced by Charles Roven Zack Synder and Deborah Synder. The movie features Gal Gadot, Chris Pine,  Lucy Davis, Connie Nelson and Robin Wright. The movie is going to release in United States in English language, movie budget is 150 million dollar. Gal Galot is playing role of Diana Princess or Wonder woman she is Amazon Princess and Immortal Demi goddess daughter of Zeus. Chris Pine as Steve  Trevor, Connie Nelson as Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman mother, Robin Wright as General Antiope wonder women Aunt,  Lucy Davis as Etta Candy Wonder Woman friend and Steve Trevors  Secretary.

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