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Podi Meesa Mulaykana Kalam aka PaVa is the Malayalam film featuring Anoop Menon ,Murli gopy, Rajiv Panicker, Kapak lalitha, and Pragya Martin. This Malayalam movie released on 22nd of July 2016 . Anoop Menon is playing role as Vaikey and Murali Gopi as Devassy pappan. The movie trailer was Released on 10 June 2016 due to very High competition from other movie movie, the release was postponed. But after some time it was finally released on day 22nd July 2016.

PaVa poster

The movie is all about the life of 80 years old friend Pappan and Vaikey. The movie is full of family drama the person who love to watch family drama would definitely enjoy this movie all around the movie is family movies should we watch with their family members some people also commented all this movie is heart touching and school of love emotion and friendship both the hero Murali Gopi and Anoop Menon had performed well although the movie goes around the Gopi also KPSC Lalitha as Anna MMA in the movie at the outstanding job that grow in the movie. The dialogues are simple but realistic.

The song has been composed by Anand Madhusudhan . The official trailer of the movie had retained good likes and views on YouTube the movie go 3 star rating out of 5. The movie running time is 2 hours and 10 minutes the whole movie is all about how Gopi and Pappan and Deals with every situation . The first half of the movie is good related to second half and as it has been stretched which is absolutely predictable but overall the movie is like a break free to watch this movie with your family and loved ones.

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