Polam Pol (2016) Gujarati Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Directed by Tejas Padiaa, Polam Pol is Gujarati comedy drama featuring Jimmit Trivedi, Ojas Rawal, Jinal Belanil, Prem Gadhavi, Jayesh More, Sunil Vishrani & Sanat Vyas in pivotal roles.


Duggi (played by Jimmit Trivedi) and Montu (played by Ojas Rawal) are two friends who are struggling in their life. They are more like chalk and cheese. The story has two other character also – Mangilal (Jayesh More) and Bhikulal (Prem Gadhavi). Mangilal and Bhikulal are two brothers and own a shop.
What common between all these 4 guys is a girl named Anjali (Jinal Belani). All the 4 guys are besotted by Anjali and a race begins to win Anjali’s heart.
Thereafter funny situations, manipulations, chaos, hilarious drama, cat and mouse chase begins to outwit each other to marry her first. Its a wholesome entertainer that keeps the audience hooked to their seats.
Who will eventually win and marry Anjali forms the crux of the story. Overall its a humorous film about dreams, aspirations, rib-tickling situations, packed in a quick-paced narrative. The brilliant performance by the lead actors perfectly supports the theme of the flick.

The music of the film is composed by Paresh – Bhavesh while the lyrics are penned by Raeesh Maniar and Iqbal Qureshi. The film is produced by Gopal Dave, Sangeeta Shah, Jatin Doshi & Nimesh Shah under the banner of Lemon Grass Productions.

The trailer of the movie released on 11 January, 2016 and it has received overwhelming response from the audiences. Watch this roller-coaster ride of funny situations &  a wholesome entertainer movie with your friends and family.

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