Selfie Raja Live Audience Review and Critic Rating

Check out live audience response and critic rating of latest Telugu release “Selfie Raja”. The film got release on 15 July 2016 worldwide. Selfie Raja is getting positive response by audience as well as from critics. Audience appreciating the performance of the actors who have done brilliant job.


The director G Eshwar Reddy retweet the audience who every has congratulated him for the success start on day one. There were early positive news about the films comedy and entertainment factors in the flick.

Critics have rated the film 3.6* out of 5 where as audience think much positive then critic and they rated 4.7* out of 5. As fas as rating is concerned audience headed into the theatre as film is getting social media word to mouth publicity. More the 80% occupancy in the theatres will give high gross income to the film.

Allari Naresh, Sakshi Chaudhary, kamna Singh is playing lead in the film and there comic timing will make every one laugh unexpectedly.

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